The Little Giraffe “Fili,” Available Soon

Looking for the perfect book for your kids? Then watch out for English version of The Little Giraffe “Fili.” Originally written in German, this book talks about a special giraffe named Fili who is different from her kind. Her legs are short compared to the other giraffes, making her unwanted and feeling rejected. Until one day, she met John, a clever shoemaker, and everything else changed.

The Little Giraffe “Fili” is the perfect book to engage your child to read. It is written in simple language that is easy to understand. It also comes with colourful pictures that will surely catch your kid’s attention. And the best part? The E-book version – in English – will be released very soon! This means that the book can now reach out to many children to stimulate their minds and promote good reading habits.

The Little Giraffe Fili is written by Wolfgang Stricker.